Business logic

Businesslogik ist die Verbindung von positionIt zu Programmierlogik und aus diesem Grund ein zentrales Konzept. Folgende Tutorials sind verfügbar:

Editing the HTML code of a process step
In many cases the generated HTML-Code of a process step must be changed dynamically, for example to replace a marker with a value. This tutorial shows how.
Read data from a database
This tutorial shows, how data can be read from a database and be displayed in a process step.
Fill process step with data
Data can be assigned to single objects, for example input fields. this way the data appears directly in the process step. This tutorial shows how.
Process data after a process step
In many times data has to be processed after a certain process step, for example to write them in a database. This tutorial shows how this works.
Extended Validation
Shows how positionIt can be extended by custom validation for special purposes. By businesslogic PHP code gets executed which does a special validation and if necessary returns an error message to display in the process step.
Dynamic attachments to E-Mails
This tutorial shows how an arbitrary attachment can be attached to an e-mail.
Change E-Mail data or text
The data of an e-mail (recipients, text,..) can be changed before it is sent. This tutorial shows how.
Stopping the sending of an E-Mail
In rare cases it can be necessary not to send an e-mail. This tutorial shows how this can be achieved.
Adding a CSS or JS file
This tutorial shows how a CSS- or JS file can be added dynamically to a process step.
Insert a Captcha
This tutorial shows how a Captcha to prevent SPAM can be integrated in a process step.
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