Features / changes in positionIt 2.9

The new version 2.9 of positionIt has many new features. Here's a list subdivided by categories:


  • The validation itself is now AJAX-based
  • The error messages are now displayed as tooltips (the former error object is now obsolete)
  • The optics of the tooltips can be modified (position relatice to the object, when to hide, show as alert)
  • Validation by RegEx is available for text fields
  • Conditional validation is now possible, for example an object should only be validated if it is visible
  • Conditions for the conditional validation can be managed visually within the editor
  • All objects which have an error get the CSS class "haserror" which allows you to format objects with errors differently. If the error messages disappears, the CSS class disappears, too.
This is how the new validation looks like


  • It is possible to send plaintext mails now
  • Mails can now be sent before a process step

BE / Editor

  • Inactive elements in the positionIt BE are now displayed properly
  • The z-index is editable in the editor
  • Several UI improvements in the positionIt BE
  • Several UI improvements in the positionIt editor


  • New replaceError command

Bug fixes

  • There have been numerous bug fixes, too many to go in detail here :-)
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