here you can find answers to common questions. For german users: the FAQs are written in english only.

Installation & configuration

I updated positionIt to a newer version, now I got a strange behaviour. Why?


Please check if the following steps have been done by you:

  • You confirmed database changes in the extension manager
  • You confirmed the configuration in the extension manager

From our experience this solves most of the problems that occur :-)



Sometimes I see old or other session data in form elements, why?

In this case please turn off the TYPO3 cache for the page(s) where your positionIt process was inserted.

Why don't you always turn off the cache of a page with a positionIt process on it?

Because we don't know what was created with positionIt. If it is a larger form with several steps then the cache should be deactivated. Is it a nice presentation with texts and images it is better fdor performance reasons to keep the cache on.

I only see a white page in the positionIt backend, why?

This can have two causes:

1. You got an PHP error and display_errors is off

Please set display_errors = on and try again. If a PHP message appears, post it in the forum.

2. There is a problem with wrong smarty parameter syntax

It may happen that during programming a smarty parameter is not set properly. On some systems smarty throws an error then. Please post this error in the forum.

My process step doesn't load anymore, why?

If your process step doesn't load anymore (the loading screen never disappears) then first press Strg+F5 while you see the loading screen.

Sometimes during positionIt updates there are still old javascript files in your browser cache which cause errors during loading.

If you've pressed Strg+5 and the problem still exists, then its most probably a bug and we recommend to post this in the forum.



How can I copy a process to reuse it?

This was an issue in the forum recently. You can find a description here:

How to copy a whole process

How can I access my uploaded files?

Informations about uploaded file(s) are stored in the session. You can access them via the technical name or id from the upload field.
The array you receive is just the same as the $_FILES array.

How can I switch in the frontend to the next process step?

In the positionIt editor you can connect two process steps by opening the properties of a button and set the forwarding to another process step.

If someone clicks on this button in the frontend then positionIt displays the connected process step (if there are no validation errors).

Default language what does this mean?

Even if you don't add another language to TYPO3 you can enter content. This means there are texts in a certain language. We call this the "Default language" as we don't know in which language the texts are written.



My E-Mail is not sent, why?

First check if you've assigned the e-mail object with a process step (the chain symbol to the right of the e-mail must be closed).

E-Mails will always be sent directly AFTER processing the process step they are assigned to. If your process has for example two steps then you should assign it with the first step because after displaying the second step the process is finished.

In general e-mails assigned with the last process steps are not processed and thus not be sent.

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